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Kathleen Anne OBrien LMSW.

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Below are articles and reference material.  Note some news articles are included here to point out the Transphobia and Homophobia of the public and various news media and well known people.
Doctors, Counselors, and Other Resources  A list of many resources including Clinicians and Doctors.
WPATH Standards Of Care 7th edition (current Standards of Care):  Standards of Care V7
HBIGDA Standards Of Care For Gender Identity Disorders, Sixth Edition (previous Standards of Care):  Standards of Care 6th ed.
Carolyn Wolf-Gould A practice worth visiting - Transgender Talk


Medical Therapy and HM for Transgender Men_2005  Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A Guide For Health Care Providers


Girl Scouts Promote Lesbianism  Article from the Huffington Post: Girl Scouts Promote 'Lesbianism, Abortion,' Pastor Claims While Urging Cookie Boycott


Gender Variance-Dysphoria   An Article from the Gender Identity Research and Education Society


GLSEN Out Online  - The Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth on the Internet


Gender and the Brain - Chicago Tribune: New Evidence shows how hormones with the minds of men and women to see the world differently.


Remaking Manhood in the GenderQueer Generation  An Article from Transmale nation.


Parent’s Response Key To Health Of Gay Youth: Kids With Parents Who Reacted Negatively 8 Times More Likely To Try Suicide


Defining Male and Female   Article From Science Daily.


Informed Consent Forms  From Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GRIES).


NY Attorney General Calls on Senate to Pass GENDA


How to Tell Your Partner You're Transgender


Harry Reid Will Bring ENDA Up For Senate Vote


The Medicalization of Transgenderism 


Sex Change Operations Mostly Successful 


Transgender Christian


Bullied Even After Death    


'Boy or girl?' As even younger kids challenge gender identity schools try to adjust.  Associated Press article


Kids of Lesbian Parents are Well-Adjusted


When Religion Loses Its Credibility


Well Kept From a Dying Partner 


Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear 


Opening the Door to the Inclusion of Transgender People  


Injustice at Every Turn    A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey


2009: The Year of Trans  Article by my friend Donna Rose. See book section for her book Wrapped in Blue.


ACLU ENDA - Employment Non-Discrimination Act


LGBT Rights Bill : Hold The "T"? (2007 article) 


Can a 6-yr-old make up his mind about being a Her?

6 Yr. Old Wins Civil Rights to use Girls Restroom 


Further Assessment of Blanchard's Autogynephilic Gender Disorder


Obama, Clinton to World: Stop Gay Discrimination