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Kathleen Anne OBrien LMSW.

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Recommended Books and Articles
The following are books I am just reading or re-reading and recommend. Each might have a note or so and this section will change continually.
Boston Lesbian Psychologies Collective.Lesbian Psychologies; Explorations and Challenges.Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press.ISBN: 0-252-01404-9.
  • "The Lesbian couple relationship is probably the most intense of all romantic relationships and the most egalitarian."
  • "...individual lesbians in couples must spend time deciding how to establish themselves as a family."
  • "If the lesbian chooses to be out, her family's initial reaction may be to ignore her statement, or to banish her from the family."
  • "The overt and covert fear of lesbians in our society is conveyed to all of us at an early age in many ways."
  • "...the mere existence of lesbians -- women who succeed in living relatively apart from men -- is too threatening to the patriarchy and to heterosexual women."
  • "For women, sexuality may be an aspect of identity that is fluid and dynamic as opposed to fixed and invariant."
  • It has been suggested that there is a 'lesbian continuum'

Green, Jamison.Becoming a Visible Man (June 4, 2004). Vanderbilt University Press. ISBN-13: 978-0826514578.

Written by a leading activist in the transgender movement, Becoming a Visible Man is an artful and compelling inquiry into the politics of gender. Jamison Green combines candid autobiography with informed analysis to offer unique insight into the multiple challenges of the female-to-male transsexual experience, ranging from encounters with prejudice and strained relationships with family to the development of an FTM community and the realities of surgical sex reassignment.