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Kathleen Anne OBrien LMSW.

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Kathleen Anne OBrien BS; LMSW; CASACt
Therapist, Business Trainer, Public Speaker, Advocate, LGBT Subject Matter Expert
NYS License Number 72-079068



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Kathleen OBrien is a Licensed Master of Social Work specializing in Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, and Personal and Family counseling.  In clinical practice Kathleen has a variety of clients and works with everyone.  She is LGBT friendly. She is a subject expert in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (LGBT) Issues.  Kathleen is also a CASACt (Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor) and is knowledgeable in addiction counseling.  Kathleen has been certified as a Diversity Trainer by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to provide Diversity training to NYS CASAC classes for continuing education credits.
Kathleen: "For a transsexual who is working and transitioning the road can be a rough one. When this happens it is very helpful and reassuring to have someone there to help both the employee and the business through the process. In addition for those employees that are Gay,many people think that at this time in our society being Gay is easy. It is NOT. Many people still can not or will not "come out" for many reasons including fear of violence and fear of losing a job or a career."
Being LGBT is who you are as a person. It is NOT a choice. It is the way you are born. It is physiological. It is who you are and how you feel deep down inside. It is your very self, your very identity.  Sometimes this is so difficult to understand and especially difficult to try to explain to others, especially to family. Families need support for all kinds of problems including the person in the family that is coming out.   Often people ask "Why?"  It is hard for some to not understand when you say "Because I have to.  It is, and means my very existence!"
Being LGBT cannot be "cured" with reparative therapy!  In fact so called reparative therapy can permanently harm an individual or lead to their death.  Run far away from anyone who says they have a reparative therapy that can make anyone an ex-gay, lesbian, transsexual, and so on.
Kathleen offers training and advice to companies who have LGBT employees; and that is almost EVERY company!  Both the company and the individual need checkpoints to observe in order to make the the workplace and the bottom line of the business a successful one. 
Often doctors and mental health professionals do not know the issues facing LGBT individuals, the proper questions to ask them, or the proper way to treat their clients.  In all too many instances the LGBTQI individual is either harassed, ridiculed, or made to feel uncomfortable in the offices of medical professionals.
It is a demand of doing business to have all employees contribute to their full potential.  There are still issues with being Gay and Lesbian and coming out at work or NOT coming out. Many Gay and Lesbian people are fearful (for very good reasons such as ridicule, loss of job, or physical violence) to be themselves at work. This hurts the employee and the business. As a business, your bottom line is important, and your reputation is important.  You do not want to sacrifice these things and risk extremely costly litigation because proper education, training, and HR policies are not in effect so that people can not work to their full potential.  It is crucial that these issues are understood.
Coming out to your family and co-workers affects them and you.  When a LGBT person comes out the whole family comes out in a way and when a transgendered person in a family transitions, the whole family transitions as well.  Coming out and transitioning does not have to be a life shaking experience for everyone -  instead of all members of a family suffering anxiety, depression, hostility the process of welcoming an LGBTQI person in your family can be wonderful.

Services Offered:

Public Educaiton to groups, schools, clubs, physicians, and social workers on Diversity issues.

Counseling for individuals and families.


Training for businesses and their employees in Diversity Issueshow these issues affect employees the work environment, customers, bottom line profits and, the reputation of the company. 


Prevention of Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Lawsuits


Professional education in clinics, education settings and, medical settings.

College level seminars on Transgendered Issues and LGBT issues.